Technology Doesn't Have To Be Complicated



We help you re-write the rules of business using software

Scale or Die


It's not enough to just grow your business.  You need to scale it.  There are new competitive threats emerging daily that are as unexpected as they are challenging.  

Technology gives you the opportunity to respond to these threats.  But you need to do more than change how you compete.  You need to dominate in a winner takes most enabled economy.

The right solution is unclear and you feel like your are gambling. Software is expensive and complicated. You are left alone to figure it out, and you still need to run your business.

The Solution is Within Reach 

You don't have time to become an expert yourself, and don't want to hire a staff of IT professionals.


What's needed is someone who gets your business, and is an expert in technology.

Solomo Helps You Find the Magic

We help you use technology to give you the 10x benefit that will propel your business forward.  


Solomo does this by using design thinking to surface your vision for the solution that allows you to be the disruptor and change the rules of engagement.

This is the magic in our approach.

Developing a Roadmap for Your Business

It all starts with a discovery, where we become students of your business, including your goals and challenges. We create a need-specific plan, that addresses your challenges, using a cloud-first framework. 


See how easy it is to begin solving your biggest problems by contacting us today.

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